Luis De La Calle Foundation

Luis De La Calle Foundation

Activity: Seminar on Human Rights Education, distribution of plant-based food and school supplies to vulnerable school children in Nigeria

Date: 5th May 2023

Place: Covenant Int’l School, Calabar South, Cross River State – Nigeria, West Africa

Coordinador: Emmanuel Nseabasi Solomon

Volunteers: Mr. Erin Amah “Co-Presenter” and Mrs. Arit Effiong “Chef”

Description: On the 5th of May, we distributed a total of 86 plates of nutritious plant-based food together with school supplies to 75 students (including teachers, volunteers and 75 students).

We start this event with a seminar on Human Rights Education and Learning by presenting fundamental aspects such as unity in diversity, interculturality, peace, the concept of world citizenship and building character through the full development of human personality.

We teach children the relevance of living a virtuous life (cultivation of human values, basic ethics, and principles of life) for a better and more cultured society by avoiding all manners of social vices and violence.

Children learn basic principles of nutrition by dealing with healthy eating habits and health problems.

This program was promoted by the Luis De La Calle Foundation to help source necessary succor to vulnerable and less privileged children through the distribution of plant-based food and school supplies.

Thanks very much to our donors in Switzerland.

Mr. Allen Adler
Mrs. Marie Valloton
Mr. Ted Rudholm & Mrs. Priya Gopalan
Mr. Frederic Tirelli


Activity supported by Wings to learn – Empowering children, Switzerland.

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